Electrical Installations

Morrisons Distribution Centre, Kettering

Working under the supervision of NG Bailey & Co, MMS were the sole electrical contractor on site and were responsible for all the distribution circuits from the transformers, to the small power circuits, lighting and fire alarm systems. The site included 2 large storage areas, a large chill area, a vehicle maintenance bay, security offices and a vehicle wash. MMS were responsible for the installation of all the containment (large ladder rack to small conduit), cables (300mm, 4 core swa cable downwards), distribution boards, internal and external lighting.
To give a scale of the project, at one stage the work involved some 45 MMS electricians and electrician mates on site using 22 MEWP's and broom lifters. The project was our argest to date at £650k. The total project, run by Carillion, was £6m under budget on completition- a credit to everyone involved.


Gherkin Building, London


MMS Electrical supplied and installed all the cable management system needed for the access equipment on the 36th floor of the building commonly know as the "Gherkin" building in the heart of the City of London. The access equiptment consisted of a cherry picker type machine capable of reaching the very top of the building (600 feet above street level), a window cleaning basket machine capable of lowering from the 36th floor down the side of the building to ground floor level and a retrieval/rescue machine for use in cases of emergency.

We also installed the power supply cables feeding the bus bar system that runs externally around the circumference of the building 450 feet above ground level. This was achieved using purpose made installation booths that were attached to the exterior rails of the system that we also installed with lighting and small power.

We have since been involved in routine maintenance of the system and small improvements required by the client.


Ascot and Newmarket

The "Turfer" machine, as it generally referred to, is basically a part of the race track that can be raised and driven away from the course on rails. These rails are embedded in the concrete floor to leave a purpose made road beneath on race days which can then be used by course officials, race horse owners and the general public alike. This allows access to the centre of the course without causing any wear and tear to the track. The system is quite simple really; Part of the race track is embedded onto a large movable piece of machinery that, via a control pendent, can be raised so as to clear the two sides of the race track and driven on rails to the centre of the course. Once clear, a ramp is raised from the road beneath the "turfer" up to street level. When in position race goers, both on foot and by vehicle, can enter the course without damaging the race track. MMS were involved in the initial installationof the equipment and have been present for subsequent service visits and maintenance projects.


More examples of some of our projects

  • Millennium Wheel (The London Eye)
  • HM Treasury, London
  • BAE Systems (British Aerospace)
  • Winfrith Nuclear Site, Weymouth